dust scatters and blows about, collects and gathers in the cracks and corners of our environment. in Calcutta, a whole gutter industry sifts the dust of jewellers' shops to reclaim grains of gold...

London, aladin's home, is a city of magical variety most of its denizens take for granted, as smooth escalators and tubes whisk them to work and home underneath the turbulent surface. as a modern alkhemist, mindful of the delicate balance of forces that vibrate through the streets, aladin works to bring subterranean treasures and curiosities to the surface.

with the secret techniques of his unique patois alkhemi and with help and intrigue from his friend the blue turtle, aladin has set himself the mission of tracing the mythical four elements. through the rich weave of culture, art, work, play and magic that is daily life for an alkhemist, he strives to find the ultimate ineluctable, the fifth element.

aladin is a multiple award winning, critically acclaimed magician. his astounding, widely admired magic resonates across the world. alternately warm and hair-raising, it affords a window onto the workings of extraordinary, interdisciplinary and interpersonal skills.

famed for his eerie mastery of objects - which disappear and reappear with a mesmerizing liquidity in his hands - and his extraordinary ability to read the hearts and minds of others, aladin exudes mystery and animation matched only by his vast reserve of natural human warmth. unfolding impromptu mini-worlds of impossible happenings decorated with secrets, experiments of the mind and unanswerable questions as he goes, aladin has delighted, mystified and raised the hairs of thousands.

after his experience, Richard Blackwood, the television presenter, said "This is as good as it gets." jazz great Wynton Marsalis confirmed, "He's got to be the best in the world."

entirely self-taught, aladin is one of only two Golden Turban members of the Magic Academy of Bangalore, India, guardians of the world's oldest magic tradition. he is also a former International Magician of the Year and has been a Selected Artist at the National Review of Live Arts U.K.. aladin's ventures in entertainment include being commissioned by private clients in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo as well as in London (Hurlingham Club, Sanderson Hotel, Peacock House etc.), opening onstage for artists ranging from Paul Weller to Mark E. Smith, and as Master of Ceremonies and co-organiser of the world's biggest magic event (800 magicians from around the world converging on the city of Bangalore). several British and international television channels have projects currently in development involving aladin as a principal.

aladin was born in Washington DC and has lived in Geneva, Paris, Prague, Baghdad, Algiers, Calcutta, Delhi, Lahore, Karachi and London.

aladin is in addition an influential international animateur and thinker working across the cultural, social and commercial spheres. he is acclaimed for his parallel work across three fields: strategic management, social practice and culture. in Spring of 2000 he was headhunted for public office in London by Mayor Ken Livingstone to have responsibility for developing a strategy for culture, media, sport, arts, heritage and tourism in the city [until 2004]: he has been Vice Chair of the Mayor's Cultural Strategy Group. aladin is also founder of the international consultancy practice alkhemi and Chair of the pioneering integrated cultural organisation and charity EntelechyArts. In the past he has held numerous board level positions in local, regional, national and international organisations.

aladin began his academic life at the London School of Economics specialising in international relations, the global economy as well as nuclear war strategy, and edited L.S.E.'s international studies journal.

aladin went on to undertake management consultancy in relation to countries, international banks, international statutory organisations and parties impacted by international monetary or political instability (specialising in international debt reschedulings); later, he specialised in advising multinational companies on strategic planning.

aladin left the City to work in social development: youth and community development work with vulnerable/socially excluded groups. he trained in counselling, groupwork, therapy, brief intervention techniques and trained others to work with individuals/groups whom society finds challenging. he is highly experienced in working around violence, becoming a respected practitioner carrying out work with street gangs in inner cities around the world. he has worked face-to-face and also as a Director/Chief Executive with local, regional, national and EEC wide projects using culture in community development contexts and has animated numerous Europe-wide youth and culture action research projects, most notably in Montpellier, France.

in relation to contemporary arts practice aladin has a substantial track record as a producer, director and artist working across sectors: he has curated art exhibitions, programmed live arts festivals, directed and edited multi-camera shoots mixing film and video, contributed to television documentaries. aladin has devised work for contexts including [in London unless otherwise stated]: the Institute for Contemporary Arts, the Whitechapel Art Gallery, The British Festival of Visual Theatre, The London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT), The Jerwood Arts Space - and a pop video for DJs Freddie Fresh & Fatboy Slim.